Rumour Mill: Lewis Hamilton to leave Merc for Ferrari?

While neither manufacturer has confirmed the move, it looks increasingly likely for Hamilton to take the red.

Deon Van Der Walt
February 1, 2024
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"About time," some might say, but the rumour mill is humming along the lines of seven-time Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton switching to scarlet Ferrari overalls for the 2025 season.


Since Hamilton's contentious title loss to Max Verstappen in the final race of the 2021 season, the most decorated F1 race winner appeared to have lost the spring in his step. This was compounded by the technical rule changes in 2022 and stricter budgets that finally dulled Merc's once sharp edge.


Now, a decade after Merc first started to dominate the hybrid era of the sport, its sponsorship-friendly driver and one of the best-known names in racing is reportedly looking elsewhere to reestablish his winning ways. The narrative sounds vaguely familiar...


While neither Mercedes nor Ferrari have officially commented on the Silver Arrows driver joining the prancing horses, it's no secret that Ferrari has been looking to sign a contract with Hamilton for years.


The prospect of Hamilton wearing the iconic red suit will surely anger many dyed-in-the-wool #Live44 fans, but on the flip side, it will also make for an exciting changeup come 2025 in a field that feels a bit stagnant for the approaching 2024 season.


The partnership between Hamilton and Mercedes has been one of the most successful in F1 history, with Hamilton, who is widely recognised as the driving force behind Mercedes' success in the hybrid era, winning six of his seven world championships there; he won his first championship with McLaren.


Then there's Ferrari. The team that inspired many generations of fans. It's the team most F1 drivers hope to drive for at some point in their careers and a team that has, as of late, been struggling to recapture that essence of success. So, what does this mean for the current Ferrari line-up? Well, for one, Hamilton would bring experience and a proven record of top podium steps. Then there's the knock-on effect throughout the rest of the field that would surely give rise to one of the most frantic sessions of musical chairs in the modern era.


Surely it must have been tough to see Mercedes concede its dominance to Red Bull with the technical regulations introduced in 2022. And undoubtedly, there's some logic to making a dramatic change when, despite formerly winning ways and solid effort from the team, it just isn't manifesting in championship-contending results.

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