One of the World's Toughest Endurance Races Sees New Challenger

The GR Supra GT4 will be making its debut at the Nordschleife.

Jordan Schmidt
May 19, 2023
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One of the World's Toughest Endurance Races Sees New Challenger

The Nürburgring is home to many memories of racing, crashing and breaking records. The brutal discipline of endurance racing is one which takes a toll on both the drivers and their cars, unlike any other motorsport. 

Pair this insane racing style with one of the most unforgiving race tracks in the world, and you have a battleground where manufacturers can show off their building abilities and drivers' skill and set a scene for a debut to remember.

The GR Supra is a car I am fond of, and this GT4 looks incredible. The vehicle will sport a stunning blue and white livery with slight body adjustments like a bigger wing for added downforce. Toyota is proud of its new power unit, especially the fuel it runs on. The GT4 GR Supra Evos will be running a fuel which is 100% e-fuel. Meaning that the car is nearly completely carbon-neutral. We have seen this new e-fuel popping up in motorsport, and it is an inspiring move by racing teams to better their carbon footprint while maintaining the thrill of a combustion engine. 

According to Toyota, it delivers 320 kW and 650 Nm and is capable of accelerating the GT4 Supra to 100 km/h in what reports suggest to be 3.9 seconds. 

Fortunately for the GR team, their selection of drivers are local heroes at the 20.8-kilometre circuit. The No.75 will be piloted by Roland Froese, Maximilian, Briton Scott Marshall and Torleif Nytröen. The No.76 car will be driven by Stephan Brodmerkel, Phil Hill, Hendrik Still and Constantin Schöll. 

The teams are itching to get the GR Supra onto the track, as they have more than enough experience to dominate the field from the get-go. The KCMG team is a Hong Kong-based racing team, and although they are new to the car, The Nürburgring is not foreign territory for them, being a past winner of the Nürburgring endurance series. 

The teams are ready, and the car is looking good. The Nürburgring is a treacherous race track and confidence is high in the GR corner. I look forward to seeing this blue rocket take on the 24-Hour in style.

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