Porsche's 60-year legacy at Kyalami, documented

A new book documents Porsche's legacy at Kyalami.

Jordan Schmidt
March 19, 2024
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Porsche's 60-year legacy at Kyalami, documented


Kyalami has been a proving ground for national racing talents, global Formula 1 legends, and touring car duels for decades. To commemorate the rich history and memories made at this historic location, Porsche has turned back the clock and created a memory book for the world to treasure, all created right here in Johannesburg.


The book is named 60 Years of Porsche: Racing at Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit, and its contents are nothing short of remarkable. The team, under the direction of Denis Klopper, has combed through the archives and interviewed former racers to produce a book chock full of memories and occasions that many of us have forgotten over time. It includes unique images and perspectives from the drivers throughout the decades to compile a book worthy of significant international recognition.


Toby Venter has kept a watchful eye on the process to ensure no stone is left unturned, as the track plays a big part in Toby's story. He has raced and won numerous events at this iconic venue, using iconic track weapons like his championship-winning 944 Turbo. Now he owns this gorgeous stretch of tarmac, and to ensure his racetrack gets the recognition it deserves, he had to ensure that the book is of the highest literary and storytelling quality.


This book is filled with never-before-seen images of historic race cars battling it out on the track, along with a selection of memories destined to live on. For a book of this quality, it is imperative to show the world our little corner of motoring heaven here in South Africa, and to get the name back on the map, an issue will be auctioned off at the Goodwood Festival of Speed auction later this year.


There are a limited number of this high-quality book, with two variations available. The first is the Standard Edition, which is limited to 500 copies. It is a large-format, hardcover publication that the author has signed. The Standard Edition comes in at a price of R2,195.


The second edition is called the Collectors Edition and is limited to only 100 copies. This particular edition comes with a hardcover with a dust sleeve, arrives in a protective sleeve, and includes signatures from the author, editor, and Toby Venter himself. You will also have the option to select the book number and a personalised message from the author, along with two photographic prints. This issue is priced at R3,795.


This book is nothing short of enduring, and it is every racer and car enthusiast's dream piece of local literature. It was an honour to be even a small part of this timeless book launch, and it's wonderful to see a place that has some of my fondest memories being put in the international spotlight.

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