Audi and Porsche to take part in F1

The decision to join F1, and not another motorsport formula, comes after increased worldwide exposure to the motorsport class.

Ntsako Mthethwa
May 3, 2022
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For a while now, the Volkswagen Group has been hard at work in an attempt to form part of the Formula 1 grid and according to the group CEO, this is exactly what Audi and Porsche will be doing.  

The announcement was made by Herbert Diess during a live stream in Germany. Diess said that the duo won’t use the Volkswagen name citing that it doesn’t fit and the brand will not participate in F1, instead, Audi and Porsche will do so under their own names. 

From the year 2026, the two marques promised to put their utmost commitment toward top-tier racing when ICE powertrains will run on fully-sustainable synthetic fuel. According to Diess, it also takes three years to develop an F1 engine so the two brands need to be ready for 2026. 

The decision to join F1 and not different motorsport comes after extensive worldwide exposure to the motorsport class with a great increase noted in the US while more and more people from Asia are now watching F1. 

"If you look at the major sporting events or events in the world, it's the case that in motorsport, it's really only Formula 1 that counts and is becoming increasingly differentiated. If you participate in motorsport, you should do Formula 1 as that's where the impact is greatest”, says Diess. 

With that said, Porsche aims for a partnership with Red Bull and as per Diess’ word, the company’s plans are more concrete than Audi which hasn’t really figured out who its partner is. If speculation is to be believed, Audi will be buying a stake in McLaren, a supposed deal the latter has refuted last year. 

The VW Group says the move for the two brands to join F1 will increase sales in the long run and F1 programmes could also assist in delivering a profit for the two brands. 

Images are an unofficial rendering of Porsche’s F1 racing car.

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