Would a coupe sort out the BMW Z4’s styling?

The boot is back: Z4 coupe

It’s fair to say the new, third-gen BMW Z4 has received a bit of a mixed reception should you delve into the world of online comments. It seems everyone’s feeling a little let down from how chuffing good the concept looked.

Is this the way to fix it? Online render-genius X-Tomi Design has sketched up a coupe version of the latest Z4, and it certainly adds some aggression to the roadster’s design. At least to our eyes.

Will it happen? Who knows. Reports say BMW won’t do it, and there wasn’t a coupe version of the last Z4. But that’s perhaps because the roadster came with a folding metal roof. It’s reverted to a soft-top for the mk3, so you could make a case for a coupe being relevant again. Then again, the Z4 shares its mechanicals with the next Toyota Supra, so that could block out BMW making a coupe from the same box of bits.

Would this render warm your feelings for the new Z4 a bit, though?


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