Video: Lotus Exige Roadster revealed

2 May, 2013 | by

We’ve been waiting for this car since the Geneva motor show 2012 (though we half assumed it had been lost in the Hethel vortex after the company’s problem slate last year) but we’re very excited to report that the Lotus Exige S Roadster’s going to be available in Europe later this year.

Why so happy, we here you crow? Firstly, the engine. It’ll get the coupe’s lovely 261kW ToyotaV6 with a Harrop supercharger stapled on top, and that means it’ll hit 100kph in four seconds flat and on to a limited 233kph (40kph slower than the coupe to stop the fabric roof/your hair peeling off). The power plant’s strapped to a six-speed manual gearbox, but you can option a Serial Precision Shift auto.

Unlike most roadster derivatives, it’ll actually weigh less than the coupe (10kg less to be precise), on account of the scalped roof and Loutsbinning the rear spoiler. And that should do wonders for the car’s already telepathic handling proclivities. Only thing is, there’s been no extra stiffening…

But going by this video, it’s not doing too badly at the Nurburgring. And the production values suggest not on single penny’s been wasted on marketing fluff… Reckon this is the car to put Lotus and bankruptcy on a break for good, TopGear.commers?


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