Video: How to crash at the Nürburgring

12 November, 2013 | by Vijay Pattni

The following eight and a bit minutes of footage is proof, if ever you needed it, that the Nürburgring isn’t a friendly, cuddly, warm blanket of driving god approval. It is scary. And confusing. And crashy.

Bear this in mind next time a manufacturer tells you it has spent every waking moment camped out at the Green Hell in a bid to record a stonking lap time; things like the Alfa Romeo 4C, the Camaro Z/28, a pimped VW T5 van, the electric Mercedes SLS and the new Porsche 918 Spyder, to name a few.

McLaren still hasn’t told us whether the new P1 has done the honourable thing – and stayed true to its word – by going under seven minutes, but we understand they’re trying bloody hard to do so.

All this instills in the average driver a sense that yes, just maybe, he or she can conquer this fabled haunt that James May so despises; maybe, just maybe, you can go around the ‘Ring like a proper helmsman. If this is you, please watch this video before you head out there.


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