Video: McLaren’s 12C Spider vs snowboarding champ

25 March, 2013 | by Benedict Pather

Remember that scene in that movie? The one where a super expensive sports car is driven in a hazardous environment against a… female snowboarder? Perhaps not, but that was the scenario in the latest offering from McLaren showcasing its daring new 12C Spider racing downhill against a similar looking female.

The wonder women being none other than winter X-Games veteran Chanelle Sladies who goes head-to-supercar against mountain racer Rhys Millen around Colorado’s snow-capped Loveland Pass.  While the not-so-able-on-ice 12C Spider struggles to keep up with the boarding champ it makes for thrilling viewing as the car drifts around corners and blissfully revs its engine.

Does anyone remember that time James May was strapped into a Mini WRC car and raced against Amy Williams at the Lillehammer track? If not, it went something like this.



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