Video: Ken Block lights tyres around the world in Gymkhana 10

“Please Hoon Responsibly” begs the disclaimer at the top of Gymkhana Ten. Right before Ken Block’s latest tyre-wrecking, laptop speaker-slaying, extravaganza spends almost nineteen minutes assaulting your senses. And not just on one airfield, or in one city, this time. Oh no. Gymkhana 10 has gone global.

For its tenth outing, the YouTube car ballet phenomenon covers five locations, from snowy Sweden via Mexico to downtown LA, there’s five times the rev limiter action, five times the drifts, the jumps, and yes, the jump-drifts.

Alongside familiar Blockmoibles like the Mustang-inspired Hoonicorn and the delightfully Nineties Ford Escort Cosworth, Gymkhana 10 brings usthe Hoonitruk, a retro Ford F-150 powered, by the sounds of it, by the world’s most furious hive of bees playing Guitar Hero. In fact, it borrows the bi-turbo V6 race engine from the Ford GT, delimited and unleashed for beyond 670kW. Would you expect anything else?

Gymkahan 10 includes cameos of teenagers being hooligans (okay, 16-year old Oliver Solberg being a rallycross prodigy), some male semi-nudity, a car misbehaving with no tyres, dawdling farm equipment getting a deserved humiliation and all the gratuitous, delicious slow-mo footage you could hope for. See the video of gymkahana 10 yourself. It’s like watching The Fast & The Furious 1-8, mashed into a quarter-hour hyper-montage.

Warning: do not attempt to repeat. Or to watch if you’re allergic to the smell of vapourised rubber…

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