Land Cruiser double-cab

24 January, 2013 | by Angus Boswell

The Land Cruiser 70 Series, as everyone knows, is the “meneer” of  off-roading. It’s the go-to vehicle of choice the world over for miners, farmers, army generals and overlanders who appreciate its no-frills, no-breakdowns approach to duty.

And now you can buy a factory-built double-cab version of the venerable 79 Series chassis cab. That adds to the full 70 Series range which includes the Station Wagon (76 Series) and high metal top Troop Carrier (78 Series). Current engine choices are a 96kW 4.2-litre naturally aspirated diesel or 170kW 4.0-litre V6 petrol, coupled to a five-speed manual transmission and manually selected low-range transfer case with lockable differentials front and rear. The ladder frame chassis, solid axles and rear leaf springs (coils upfront) have not been meddled with.

The latest technical advance is ABS brakes, enabled by Toyota finally adding disc brakes at the rear. The new 70s also come with central locking, electric windows and mirrors, dual airbags and plastic bumpers to up their safety rating. The rest is largely unchanged since the range was reimagined in 1984. Apart that is, from improving the seats and slotting in ever-larger fuel tanks (130 litres on the double cab). Satnav, a radio and Bluetooth connectivity are another concession to the new century.

It remains a proper, tough truck with the ability to take a beating year in, year out. Those seeking more power will be pleased to know Toyota SA has tested the 151kw/430Nm V8 turbodiesel that’s used in other markets and will have it on showroom floors before the year’s out. Penalty? An extra R120k and a preference for low-sulphur fuel.


  • Toyota Land Cruiser 76 Station Wagon (4.2 Diesel)             -           R506 700;
  • Toyota Land Cruiser 78 Wagon (4.2 Diesel)                          -           R484 000;
  • Toyota Land Cruiser 79 Pick-Up Single Cab (4.0 Petrol)      -           R417 900;
  • Toyota Land Cruiser 79 Pick-Up Single Cab (4.2 Diesel)      -           R444 800;
  • Toyota Land Cruiser 79 Pick-Up Double Cab (4.0 Petrol)    -           R463 900;
  • Toyota Land Cruiser 79 Pick-Up Double Cab (4.2 Diesel)    -           R487 000;



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