Tesla literally can’t build Model 3s quickly enough

It’s the kind of problem that sounds like a manufacturer’s dream – your product is so popular that you can’t keep up with demand.

Well, tell that to Tesla, which is now behind schedule for its Model 3 production targets, “due to production bottlenecks”.

But then Elon’s already said that going from producing 80,000 cars a year to building 500,000 – by 2018 – will be “production hell”.

If you believe the hype, the Model 3 has it all to do – it has to take Tesla into full mass-production and profitability, as well as paving the way for the Model Y. In Ten Things’ opinion, speculation is, and always has been, a mug’s game.

Oh, and Elon, if you’re getting this read to you by your personal assistant, please do put us down for a long-termer at your earliest convenience.

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