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F1 race report: China

21 April, 2014 | by Lance Branquinho

A dominant Lewis makes it three in row in Shanghai as Mercedes continues to absolutely dominate F1 in 2014.

Why we need cars with KERS

26 March, 2014 | by Matthew Jones

Volvo has built a road-going prototype with an F1-style KERS system, and we’ve just driven it.

F1 legend Prost in SA to race

20 March, 2014 | by Lance Branquinho

One of the greatest F1 champions of all time is back in South Africa to race. And best of all, he’s driving a bakkie too.

F1 enters a new era with Mercedes win

16 March, 2014 | by Lance Branquinho

Former world champions struggling like novices. The rookie scoring a very Senna-like result on debut. Australian GP shows F1 is nothing like it was in 2013.

F1: Merc out ahead

14 March, 2014 | by Lance Branquinho

Oversteer, breakdowns and a brand new noise – the season is underway in Australia and the first signs are that F1 has changed. A lot.

Ten reasons to watch F1 in 2014

14 March, 2014 | by topgear

The new season is almost upon us, and NOBODY knows what’s going to happen. Great, isn’t it? Ten reasons to watch F1 again.

Williams F1 gets Martini livery

6 March, 2014 | by Lance Branquinho

Sir Frank’s new car will wear one of the most iconic paintjobs in racing history. This is Good News. Very. Go Williams.

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