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Audi S3 Sportback driven

2 December, 2013 | by Dan Read

Audi’s superhatch gets roomier and more practical. Fast and flattering to the driver, but still oddly cold: it's the S3 Sportback.

BMW i3 driven

14 November, 2013 | by Paul Horrell

Not the first on the market, but BMW has put some original thinking into almost every part of its design and engineering

Porsche 911 Turbo S road test

21 October, 2013 | by Sam Philip

Like the best things in life, likely to turn you blind if you use it too much. Appallingly, brilliantly quick. We test the latest 911 Turbo S from Porsche

Range Rover Sport V6 diesel driven

18 October, 2013 | by Paul Horrell

Even as a diesel, it’s sportier than the Range Rover. And more capable than the old one. Is SDV6 Sport the best Land Rover you can buy

Jaguar XJR driven

16 October, 2013 | by Sam Philip

Enormous, thirsty, deliriously fast, arguably pointless. And therefore possibly our very favourite fast Jaguar, this new XJR supercharged V8.

Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid tested

9 October, 2013 | by Kyle Fortune

The Jolly Green Giant now has a car that’s large, eco and fun: Panamera hybrid: quicker than most hot hatches and as frugal as many a turbodiesel city car

Volkswagen Golf Bluemotion

4 October, 2013 | by Vijay Pattni

Obviously, we’ll tell you to go all out and get a GTI. But if you want to save pennies, this is a fine, well-sorted eco machine

Volkswagen Golf GTD review

1 October, 2013 | by Matt Jones

Incredibly confident, engaging and very well refined. This could possibly be VW's best hot hatch of all, but you can't get GTD in Mzansi.

Audi RS7 car review

27 September, 2013 | by Sam Philip

Ingolstadt decides Munich can’t have the monopoly on hyper coupe saloons. The result is RS7, a rather mad thing. But mad enough

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