Someone has made a homebrew Hoonicorn

Someone has made a homebrew Hoonicorn

Here’s something to aggravate the purists. A real four-wheeled kick of the hornet’s nest. It’s a chopped and slammed widebody Chevy-engined ’67 Ford Mustang. Yep, a Frankencar at its finest and a proper hot rod Hoonicorn homage. Deal with it.

It’s thanks to rather handy Canadian fabricator, Kyle Scaife, who was inspired by a 1971 Plymouth ‘Cuda that he was working on in his father’s fabrication shop. Sitting on airbags and with a Viper’s monstrous V10 engine up front, it wasn’t your normal ‘Cuda. It was that car which inspired Kyle to do his own left-field hot rod.

So he went out and bought a ‘piece of junk’ 1967 Ford Mustang, got his angle grinder and cut the whole thing up. The floors, the whole front end and pretty much everything in between had to go. Then he threw what was left over a Corvette C5’s running gear.

Hater alert. Though it may look like a Mustang, it has the heart and guts of a R70 000 1999 Corvette: brakes, torque tube, transmission. The suspension incorporates the Corvette’s control arms, but also has a custom cantilever setup with horizontally mounted coilovers. Then there’s the LS1 poking out of the bonnet, together with a Texas Speed and Performance camshaft and a Holley Mid Ram intake. It’s yet to go on the dyno, but should be good for 300kW. That’s before turbocharging. Which Kyle is tempted by.

Then there’s the wacky super-wide body panels, exaggerated stance and bare interior. Stripped back and very metallic inside, it’s an old school hot rod, though the wheels are decidedly new school (Govad 19s). It’s a mash-up through and through and sure to be quite a talking point. So get talking…


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