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11 December, 2013 | by Vijay Pattni

At the 1991 Geneva Motor Show, Mercedes-Benz unveiled the next generation of its venerable Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the ‘W140′. It was a tech-fest of innovation (double-paned soundproof glass, anyone?) and previewed the company’s new design theme.

At that same show, a little know Japanese tuner unveiled the first generation of what he planned as a small production run of the Lamborghini ‘Sogna’. It was not a tech-fest of innovation, and it did not preview Lamborghini’s new design theme. It was a V12-engined, hand-crafted one-off fantasy. In green. And now it’s coming up for sale.

The Sogna was the brainchild of Japanese designer Ryoji Yamazaki, boss of the Art & Tech studio. At 13, he had a dream about a supercar; at 41, he made it, and luckily for us, it wasn’t one of ‘those’ dreams (Sogna, incidentally, is Italian for ‘dreams’).

So he bought a Lamborghini Countach and constructed an entirely new body from aluminium, painted it green and wheeled it out for the ’91 Geneva show, with the intention of entering the Sogna into limited production. That never materialised, but a few years later another Sogna, this time a fully-functioning prototype, was built for the 1994 Essen Motor Show. It’s this one you can now buy.

It’s not an official Lamborghini model, obviously, which is why you get that bonkers bodyshell, but underneath Yamazaki retained the Countach’s running gear, so it’s still a 5.2-litre V12-engined supercar with 330kW all running riot through the rear axle. Top speed was a reported 300kph. Though you’d have to be mighty brave to attempt that on an autobahn.


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