Volvo’s V40 crosses over

28 January, 2013 | by Lance Branquinho

Looks good, even in brown…

There is more to Volvo than obsessive safety features and Vampires.

The sole remaining Swedish automotive brand has been reinvigorated by Chinese R&D cash (thank you, Geely) and the consequence of Volvo’s reborn engineering and design focus is the rather excellent V40.

What, though, if you desire to have a compact lifestyle/activity vehicle cast in the mould of something such as Volvo’s tremendously successful XC60?

Well, now you can have just that, with the V40 Cross Country, or as we refer to it: V40 CC, for short. In a world of less than clever compact SUVs, V40 CC is a crossover without obvious compromise.

Built on the V40 platform is features a few SUVish styling accoutrements: like the regulation protective rocker sill cladding, a reshaped front bumper, honeycomb grille and bigger wheels.

Unlike rival crossovers, V40 CC looks perhaps even better than the car it’s evolved from – and that should come as no surprise because Volvo has been at this ride-height increased station wagon thing for more than a decade. Remember the original V70 CC? Launched back in 1997? It set the standard before there was even a trend for vehicles that were not too rubbish over slightly broken terrain (mostly old service roads) and relatively uncompromised in daily urban use.

Mechanically V40 CC adds 40mm of ground clearance to top out at 173mm (7mm short of Audi’s A4 Allroad ‘mind) and features a treasure trove of powertrain options.

If you dislike truck fuel the Ford ST-famous sibling 2.5-litre five-cylinder turbo is denoted by a T5 moniker and good for 187kW/400Nm (440Nm on overboost), running 0-100kph in 6.5 seconds. If consumption is a consideration T4 offers 132kW/270Nm of 1.6 GTDi, returning 5.5l/100km.

Those V40 CC fan-people who would like to use truck fuel have option on the 2-litre D4 turbodiesel (130kW/400Nm), which bests the T4’s consumption by 0.3l/100km. Bit much of a muchness, then…Volvo will also sell you V40 CC with a D3 version of the aforementioned diesel, with reduced outputs of 110kW/350Nm and even better consumption. Transmissions on all models are a choice of either six-speed manual or dual-clutch, the latter being a superior choice in our opinion.

All told then: a very well executed crossover offering from Volvo. The only significant debit is that all-wheel drive is only available on the range topping T5 models, which is quite a narrow market. That said, in a world where the trend is more accepting of crossovers instead of compact SUVs, V40 CC is a perfect instance of fortuitous product planning.

Whereas once there was only Scooby Forrester, now V40 CC and Audi’s A4 Allroad populate a rather sensible sedan/hatch based crossover marketplace. Will South African buyers be wooed, though?


V40 Cross Country T4 Manual Essential – R319 900

V40 Cross Country T4 Manual Excel – R326 600

V40 Cross Country T4 Powershift Essential – R335 700

V40 Cross Country T4 Manual Elite – R340 500

V40 Cross Country T4 Powershift Excel – R342 400

V40 Cross Country D3 Geartronic Excel – R353 700

V40 Cross Country T4 Powershift Elite – R356 300

V40 Cross Country D3 Geartronic Elite – R367 600

V40 Cross Country D4 Geartronic Excel – R368 200

V40 Cross Country D4 Geartronic Elite – R382 100

V40 Cross Country T5 Geartronic Excel – R390 200

V40 Cross Country T5 Geartronic Elite -R404 100

V40 Cross Country T5 Geartronic AWD Excel – R405 900

V40 Cross Country T5 Geartronic AWD Elite – R419 800



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