Usain Bolt strikes gold, again

7 May, 2013 | by Benedict Pather

Renowned sprinter Usain Bolt has been awarded a personalized GT-R in recognition of his achievements, from his official sponsor Nissan, at an awards ceremony in Jamaica.

The ‘Spec Bolt’ model has been customized specifically for the Olympic gold medallist and was built to suit his specific driving style.

The keys to one-of-two 2014 GT-R’s, coated in “Bold Gold”, were handed over to Bolt – a Brand Ambassador for the Japanese automaker since 2012. While the other one was sold for around R17m, in November last year, at an auction in aid of the Usain Bolt Foundation.

Aside from the eye-catching colour, some of the cars features include pimped-out rims with contrasting white interior, a Bose audio system and a ‘Spec Bolt’ emblem on the car – all of which were chosen by the 26-year old athlete.

No-doubt the 0-100 km/h in 2.8 seconds acceleration is suitable for the racer. Widely regarded as “the world’s fastest man,” the champion sprinter not only has six Olympic gold medals on his shelve, he now has two Nissan GT-R’s parked in his garage.



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