The Mini Vision concept

26 July, 2013 | by Top Gear

This is, so Mini tells us, a Very Good Idea of what we can expect the BMW subsidiary’s new car to look like. It’s called the Mini Vision, and it’s been drawn by new chief designer, Anders Warming (he who drew the BMW i8) so we can ‘have an exclusive look at Mini design of tomorrow’.

And broadly speaking, the basic surfaces and proportions will be the same as the road car. But this is a highly conceptualised thing – the Vision has no shut lines for the doors, no b-pillars, and the windscreen is too decadently curvaceous. But you’ll know that already if you’ve seen the infamous spy shots purportedly showing the actual new Mini online…

But this does demonstrate the sort of intentions Warming has for the brand. The little crease above the rear lights, for example. And the pinched section above the exhausts. Nice, innovative stuff.

Which of the Vision’s features would you choose? Get your suggestions in quickly, because it’s MkIII Mini is coming very soon…



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