Subaru reveals WRX concept

26 July, 2013 | by

This concept is what Subaru says will hint at the 2014 WRX. And it looks absolutely wondrous.

So, what do we know? The manufacturer says that, quelle surprise, it’s got all-wheel drive. And that the bonnet scoop “provides enough clearance for a turbocharged engine and intercooler,” adding “the new-for-2014 Subaru WRX production car, is under consideration.

Additionally, you can see from the stance that it’s low. Really low. Which should mean it’ll have a confidence-inspiring centre of gravity, It also looks really really good. But you have eyes and a brain and an opinion, so you’ll know that already.

We’ll have to wait until the Frankfurt motor show in September, but in the meantime, d’you reckon this is a worthy successor to the ‘Preza?

In the absence of a really world-beating Impreza (ever since Subaru abandoned its WRC campaigning back in 2008), one wonders if new A45 has perhaps not permanently taken the place of the WRX as the default AWD compact performance car of choice.


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