Should Jaguar build the C-X75?

19 June, 2013 | by Benedict Pather

Remember the 2010 Paris Motor Show? Jaguar rocked up packing a jet-engined surprise in the shape of the lovely C-X75 concept, and the world was – for a time at least – a better place because of it.

Then in 2011, Jaguar announced a limited production run of just 250 C-X75s, each costing roughly *R12m, providing further evidence that the hyper-hypercar fraternity would soon be welcoming a very special guest. Things were getting exciting. Toasty.

Suffice to say, anticipation of the most horrendously splendid group test known to RoadTesterMan (LaFerrari vs 918 Spyder vs McLaren P1 vs Jaguar C-X75) had reached fever pitch. And then it went pop. Sadly, at the tail end of last year, Jaguar announced that production of the C-X75 was “indefinitely suspended”, citing economic reasons and not enough return on investment.

Which meant that just five examples of this deliciously exquisite FutureCar exist, and luckily for you, we’ve driven one. You can find out everything there is to know about the Jaguar C-X75 in a future issue of Top Gear magazine. Till then, we’d like to know whether you think Jaguar was right in canning production of this 671kW hybrid, or if they should just go ahead and build the ruddy thing.

Our Spidey senses are tingling with anticipation..

Vijay Pattni


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