Renault unveils the Twin’Z concept

9 April, 2013 | by Rowan Horncastle

For decades, there has been a horrible chasm in the motoring world that needed to be filled: the space between the car and furniture. Thankfully, Renault- with the help of British designer Ross Lovegrove – says it has linked these two worlds with the Renault Twin’Z.

The aim was to “break down the boundaries between the world of an object whose calling is to be in movement – the automobile – and that of furniture.” We were expecting a V8 powered La-Z-Boy with a limitied-slip-differential, but apparently an electric city car concept is the answer.

It’s a funky little thing that previews what next year’s 2014 Renault Twingo could look like. It’s rear-wheel drive and powered by a 50kW electric motor and four battery packs that are stored under the floor to help improve the centre of gravity. It’s not quick, as it can only do 80kph, but promises good in-town agility thanks to 226Nm, a 3.6m length and 980kg kerbweight.

Inside it looks like a nightclub and there’s loads of room as there’s no dashboard. Instead you use a tablet that’s mounted centrally which shows your speed and other data. It’s easy to get into, as it’s got powered suicide doors and there’s no B-pillar – something that won’t be staying for the production version.

Like most concept cars, don’t expect to see a lot of these features on the next Twingo. But some of the design elements will be transferred over. Do you think it’ll be able to take some sales away from the Fiat 500? Let us know below.


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