Porsche attain record high sales

4 July, 2013 | by Benedict Pather

Business is booming it seems, and in various corners of the world a record number of people have recently taken ownership of a brand new Porsche.

This according to a statement released by the luxury automaker who claim that between January and June they’ve shipped around 81 500 units. A first for the Stuttgart-based company who say they’ve reached an 18% increase in sales compared to the first half of 2012.

In fact, their global figures show that in June alone the company sold 14 300 vehicles. Cha-Ching.

“Our attractive range of models is proving a hit with customers all over the world. Even before the new Panamera models are launched at the end of July, we already have a large number of orders,” says a spokesperson for the firm.

Porsche recorded a 20% increase in sales in China. While the U.S. didn’t allow their rivals to outshine them – do they ever – as figures show a 30% increase in orders or 21 300 cars.

Raising the bar was the Asia Pacific, Africa and Middle East regions where 30, 400 new vehicles were handed over to smiling customers.

The most successful range over the past six months was the Cayenne. Surprised? While their ‘50 Years of Porsche 911’ anniversary edition and mid-engine Boxster also boosted worldwide sales.

According to the numbers, Porsche must be doing something right, and for good reason it appears. After all the Porsche Boxster doesn’t own the 2013 South African car of the year crown for nothing. All hail the king.




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