Peugeot is returning to Pikes Peak…

2 April, 2013 | by Rowan Horncastle

There aren’t many good car film re-makes (*cough* The Italian Job), but here’s one with huge potential. Peugeot has just announced they’re returning to Pikes Peak, which tees up the opportunity to revisit possibly the greatest car movie of all time: Climb Dance.

If you’ve not seen it, stop reading this immediately and hit play below to marvel at Ari Vatanen’s record-breaking run at the 1988 Pikes Peak Hill Climb in a bewinged four-wheel drive, four-wheel steer Peugeot 405 Turbo 16 GR. He scythes through hairpins, skims the edge of sheer cliffs at 4267m, and nonchalantly blocks the sun from his eyes with one hand while sideways at insane speed. It’s truly fantastic. And it’s set to get repeated this year, but with WRC dominator Sebastien Loeb at the wheel of a 208 T16.

We don’t have much information on the car, but we do know that’s been entered into the premier ‘Unlimited’ class. Whichis the bonkers class. Literally anything goes. All cars have to do is pass a basic safety inspection. So expect big wings (lots of them), big turbos and plenty of added quickness over a standard 208. Peugeot has also phoned a couple of friends to ask for their help – notably Total, Red Bull and Michelin – so they’re pretty serious.

We’ll get you more information when we have it. But until then, watch Climb Dance again and again and again. And then one more time.


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