New Toyota Corolla here in 2014

10 June, 2013 | by Lance Branquinho

This is the new Toyota Corolla, due in South African at the beginning of next year. Suburbanites will no doubt be in awe.

Quite fittingly, it’s shown in Toyota’s signature colour – white – and will no doubt sell in great numbers.

The styling is, well, it looks like an evolved Prius of sorts – truth be told.

That said, the cabin’s pretty decent with Toyota’s new cliff-like hangdown section, switchgear, instrumentation and helm; already in use locally with new Auris and Rav4.

Mechanically? Toyota South Africa is not confirming too much detail yet but says that it will market a range of transmissions driven off petrol and diesel engine derivatives. These transmissions are either a six-speed manual or a CVT, but fear not: the elastic band effect that usually makes CVTs in averagely powered cars so hateful has been countered, say Toyota.

How? Toyota’s drivetrain engineers have programmed seven shift points into the CVT’s operational range to deliver the sensation of it actually changing gear; which kind of defeats some of the point of having a CVT in the first place, but, we estimate, there is some rationale to this.

New Corolla then, an eleventh generation of success for Toyota’s with its four-door C-segment all-things to all-people car, or not?


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