Mercedes reveals S-Class coupe concept

11 September, 2013 | by

This is the new Bentley Continental-sized, VW Group-troubling S-Class coupe from Mercedes. Although it’s not. Well, not yet – this is just a concept, but MB’s promised us that a swoopy GT will join the line-up soon to replace the CL, and that this is a ‘concrete vision’ of what’s on the horizon.

So, what do we know, other than it’s currently attracting Bundesliga-sized appreciative crowds at the Frankfurt Motor Show? It’s 5050 mm long, 1958 mm wide, and 1409 mm tall – ie, Bentley-sized. It has a big bulges that resolve around the back end to emphasise that rear-wheel driveyness, there are 21-inch wheels (the fact they look a little small should bring those dimensions to life a bit), frameless doors, and there’s a 335kW 4.7-litre twin-turbocharged V8 under the bonnet.

Which all sounds very achievable in the real world. But don’t worry, fans of arcane concept ephemera: we’ve got that too. The seats are trimmed in calf skin, the carpet and roof lining are made of silk, and the stereo selects tunes based on your mood using MoodGrid software.

Elsewhere there are the same superb 12.3in screens that you’d find in the new S-class saloon, an instrument panel with a “curved shape reminiscent of a whale fluke just before it re-enters the water”, and there’s a touch screen with four changeable world clocks on the centre console.

So, lottery winners: which will it be? This or the Bentley?



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