Mercedes-Benz GLA pricing for SA

13 December, 2013 | by Lance Branquinho

Mercedes-Benz engineers, builds and markets a staggering range of automobiles. In fact, of the German troika of premium vehicle excellence, Mercedes has a product portfolio with more pages than either BMW or Audi.

Curiously, an area Merc is bizarrely absent from is the compact crossover/SUV market. Whereas BMW has the awful X1 and Audi its rather cute Q3, the smallest Mercedes SUV you can buy has always been ML-sized, which for many is simply too much three-pointed star car.

By April next year, though, you’ll have option on a compact SUV with all the Stuttgart star cachet most desire. Mercedes-Benz South Africa has announced deliveries of its GLA to start by Q2 2014, and pricing of this short-platform SUV appears quite keen.

The GLA 200 (115kW/250Nm) is set to retail for R398 800, 200 CDI (100kW/300Nm) ups that to R422 700 and the range-topping all-wheel drive option, GLA 220 CDI (125kW/350Nm) is just shy of half-a-bar at R489 000. All told, the power and drivetrains are biased toward efficiency, but as a whole, GLA is a rather striking, non-derivative-looking SUV.

AMG has, as per usual, also done its commissioned bit and produced a completely pointless GLA45, complete with 265kW and 450Nm. We suspect this model will have unwavering appeal in South Africa.

So, if you were rather upset at not being able to import one of those left-hand drive only GLKs a few years ago, the option to finally own a compact three-pointed star SUV has now presented itself.

Best part of the GLA? Well, it presents even less reason to buy an X1, as if you’ve ever needed one.


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