Meet the Phantom of Jakarta

18 January, 2013 | by Lance Branquinho

There is much to be said for living in the tropics: it’s warm, mangos are cheap and you can wear shorts to work without suspicion.

For luxury car ownership, though, it can be problematic, because in the tropics rain is a given. Lots of it.

To illustrate the unfortunate consequences of a tropical deluge we focus our attention on the capital of that largest of all tropical archipelagos: Indonesia. More specifically its crowded, hectic and overly busy capital: Jakarta.

Although most of Indonesia is rather poor and rural, there are a fair few incredibly wealthy individuals who live in Jakarta. Like this gentleman, bailing water to keep his Rolls Royce Phantom afloat.

Consider the bespoke, handcrafted cabin accoutrements of each Phantom and it’s not overly dramatic to suggest that even a spilt drink can be cause for a catastrophic insurance claim. A flash flooded cabin? Complete disaster.

The lesson here? Those silly luxury SUVs we berate as being pointless, well: they are rather good at avoiding this sort of thing whilst providing the levels of occupant pampering one would expect if you were a plutocrat. Range Rover Vogue anyone?


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