Listen to the Aston CC100 Speedster

28 May, 2013 | by Vijay Pattni

It’s no secret that you skate on treacherous ice when discussing cars with soul, because it’s a tricky thing to pin down. Something that invariably helps define it, though, is being Loud. Gloriously, goosebumpery loud.

Case in point, the newAston Martin CC100 Speedster concept, unveiled just last week. At the time, AM chief Dr Ulrich Bez noted how the CC100 was a testament to the strength in Aston’s ‘soul’, and now we know why he was so confident. It sounds ludicrously naughty.

Last weekend, at the annual Villa d’Este concourse event, a plucky member of the Internet filmed the anniversary Aston as it was taken through a few breathing exercises on the lawn, and, well, the result is below.

The words will tell you that this one-off, carbon-fibre bodied Aston is a throwback to the Le Man-wonning DBR1 driven by Carroll Shelby and Roy Salvardori back in 1959 (Dr Bez calls the CC100 the ‘DRB100′ because of that win). They will also tell you it’s rear-wheel-drive, sits on Aston’s VH platform and uses the new 6.0-litre V12 producing 414kW. 0-100kph takes just four seconds. Top speed is 289kph.

But words aren’t enough. Click below to listen to the Aston MartinCC100 Speedster, then follow the links on the page for more info on the one-off. There’s also an official Aston vid even more below with another blip of that V12 near the end…



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