LaFerrari is headed to South Africa

23 April, 2013 | by Benedict Pather

Ferrari’s latest edition to their lustrous fleet of supercars, LaFerrari, will be sold in South Africa. This follows the much anticipated debut of one of Italy’s most desired exports, at the Geneva motor show earlier this year.

Viglietti Motors in South Africa have confirmed that the super-hybrid will be sold in Mzansi but were either unable to, or did not want to disclose when that will be.

Perhaps they’re giving sports car enthusiasts some time to convince themselves, that the R15m price tag is worth the uberstar status the car comes with. What is certain though is that a limited number of units will be sold, and by limited we mean super small as only 499 of these wanted cars will be put out onto the global market.

Boasting a V12 engine that produces a mighty 708kW and 898Nm, this sinuous stallion races from 0 – 100 in under 3 seconds. When revved up, it can reach a top speed of over 350kph.

Proving to be a showstopper at the very recent Shanghai motor show, and as was the case in Switzerland, attendees flocked to the LaFerrari exhibition eager to witness it’s Asian launch.

Ferrari currently has 25 dealerships in the People’s Republic and hopes to build another 10 by the end of 2014. Due to the demand and supply issues they have over there, only 50 LaFerrari’s will be sold in China. Talk about playing hard to get.

What is it exactly about this car that gives it that magnetic appeal?

To get a closer look and find out what the fuss is all about, read our exclusive feature on LaFerrari in your May copy of TopGear South Africa. Out Now…


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