Joburg tweaked M3 killer

1 August, 2012 | by Lance Branquinho
Audi S4 Rob Green

Ignore the 270kW window graphic, this S4 has even more to offer.

Audi’s S4.

Not quite configured to have the alarming pace of its RS-prefixed siblings, S4’s still proved to be quite a capable rival for BMW’s 3-Series q-car: the 335i.

It remains a curious blend though: neat styling, class cabin, failsafe all-wheel drive. Oh yes, and it’s quite unique too: because it’s supercharged.

An anomaly in the Audi product portfolio, where forced induction is almost exclusively exhaust gas driven, S4’s unique status is underpinned by its belt-driven blower, good for 245kW/440Nm.

Combined with the optional seven-speed S-Tronic transmission – quite possibly the best application of VAG’s double-clutch gearbox yet, it copes admirably with all the power, convincingly thumping the upshifts and giving a satisfying blip on the way down.


All real world driving truths collated, it’s a very, very easy car to drive quickly and fall into rhythm with. But what is you wish to have it do even quicker?

Well, if you have a spare R26 500 idling away in an easily accessible savings account, well, you can now cash it in at Rob Green Motorsport and receive an upgrade worth 42kW.

Rob Green says its South African production car racing experience with Audi’s direct-injection engines has enabled appropriate tweaking of the S4’s TFSi V6, with a specially fabricated 63mm Techniflo exhaust system rounding off the conversion.

Performance gains? Well, claims are of a 0-100kph sprinting capability of 4.9 sec and 0-160kph in 10.7 seconds. And both those performance statistics were measured at Reef altitudes, so at the coast, expect it to be a touch quicker. Mercifully the alloys and colour scheme are all very much demo model specific…


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