Jeep’s SRT8 goes Alpine

16 January, 2013 | by Lance Branquinho

If you want this white one…well, it costs more.

Jeep’s SRT8, despite being a vehicle phenomenally out of step with the times, is a curiously loveable rogue

Yes, its pushrod V8 is heavy on fuel and rather polluting, but in mitigation it makes a startlingly fantastic noise – it’s like having a NASCAR race on demand whenever you approach 4 000rpm. Considering how feature laden it is and the sub R900k list price offers substantial value.

A new SRT8 has just been shown at the Detroit auto show this week which means facelifted SRT8s should arrive in South Africa towards the end of the year. The revised Grand Cherokee features an eight-speed automatic transmission, redressing the current SRT8’s most notable dynamic debit, its rather old-school five-speed transmission, by adding an additional three ratios. Nice.

If you are not keen on waiting until the third quarter of 2013 for the facelifted car and see little sense in the negligible consumption and in-gear acceleration benefits of the eight-speeder, well…Jeep South Africa will incentivise your irrational (and let’s face it, it can be classed as no other form of consumer behavior) purchase of the current car with a new Alpine edition kit.

Mechanically it’s no different (same 6.4-litre 344kW V8) but it’s white. As one would expect, considering the Alpine badging. You gain a few badges too and what Jeep refers to as vapor chrome finish on the alloy wheels. All very interesting then and only 95 units are going to be made available locally.

Price? R864 990…which is exactly R15k more than the standard SRT8. If you have a fetish for white performance cars though, you’ll find a comfortable way of explaining that discrepancy to family and friends.




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