Hyundai i20 WRC sails through test

30 May, 2013 | by Benedict Pather

The World Rally Championship (WRC) remains a thrilling and captivating event. Perhaps it’s because we here in South Africa have such scenic gravel tracks, world class rally drivers and don’t mind getting our cars dirty – well at least some of us.

None the less, Hyundai have decided to dash into muddy waters, and are in the process of prepping their WRC hopeful for the 2014 season. The cars first test-run recently took place at the teams private testing track near their headquarters in Alzenau Germany.

Based on the quite popular i20, which looks rather dashing in rally wear, the team seems determined to prove that they’re capable of taking on the likes of Ford and Toyota. Challenge accepted?

The team itself couldn’t be more excited to get the show on the road, or dirt, whichever way you’d like to see it. “We have now a lot of useful feedback to digest for the next steps of our preparation,” said team principal Michel Nandan.

Hyundai Motorsport claims its tech-team completed the tests without encountering any alarming issues. Good for them. Engineers have been evaluating the car’s performance and track capabilities, paying special attention to their 1.6-liter WRC-spec turbocharged four-cylinder engine.

Hyundai’s first official race, with the new WRC i20, will go down at the Monte Carlo Rally in January next year. Best keep an eye on this new hopeful. Which team will you be supporting?


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