Funk in the trunk as Ford ads cause a stir

25 March, 2013 | by Benedict Pather

Perhaps this is not the best time for India to be showcasing scandalous advertising campaigns.  Especially since women’s rights activists are still irate over the countries rape statistics, not to mention a recent high profile case involving a certain medical student…

The Indian unit of Ford’s advertising agency appears to have missed the memo after they released a series of images promoting their new Ford Figo hatchback – or should we say quite a handful of T&A as well as S&M and other sexy abbreviations which we do not want to get into.

Designed by Ford’s advertising partner JWT India, each of the three images feature a celebrity driver holding hostage a bountiful groupie, gagged and stuffed into the Figo’s boot. Below that is a tagline that reads “Leave your Worries Behind”. It seems, each celebrity has decided to capture and tie up three individuals whom they consider troublesome.

Of course we always had our suspicion about former Italian Prime Minister Silvo Berlusconi and clearly we’re not the only ones. Here he is holding hostage three pretty buxom half-naked ladies tied at the feet and hands while showing a peace sign from the front seat. Oh behave.

Another raunchy image shows party princess Paris Hilton in the driver’s seat while the Kardashian sisters are being held hostage in the boot – or perhaps they are more comfortable in the back?

Lastly a very proud looking Michael Schumacher who just took the new Figo for a daring spin around a track with Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso, and Lewis Hamilton tied up in the boot. This scenario, though, is highly debatable.

Ford’s released a statement saying that it “deeply regrets” the ads and that the images were “contrary to the standards of professionalism and decency within Ford”. As if they never saw this coming. Marketing technique or bad judgement? You decide.


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