Ferris Bueller’s Ferrari for sale!

27 June, 2013 | by Benedict Pather

There aren’t many cars, featured in films that can elicit such a lively reception as this. Drum roll please… TopGear fans we humbly bring you news of an icon of the 1980s movie landscape: Ferris Bueller’s Ferrari is up for sale!

While it looks like a Ferrari and sounds quite similar, let us begin by stating the facts. As it turns out this is actually a replica of the 250 GT Spyder California. This convincing recreation was built by a company called Modena Design & Development, in California way back in 1985.

Though the wheelbase was the same as the original, there were plenty of changes. All the way down to the engine which is actually a Ford V8 instead of the original Colombo-designed V12.

Despite this unfortunate announcement, the car still stands out as one of the most iconic items in the museum of awesome movie memorabilia. Remembered best as the car that gave Ferris and friends, a few hours of uncontrolled freedom, by literary owning the phrase, too cool for school.

What you may not know is that three cars were built for this movie – a hero car, a stunt car, and a rolling fiberglass shell used for, ahem, that scene. The scene that burst everyone’s bubble. Yes, they crashed the car.

The hero and stunt car wound up getting broken suspension because of the big jump scene that took nine takes. Once the film hit the big screen, the surviving car was sold, and then slowly restored to its full glory.

The original 1963 Ford V8 was binned in favour of a balanced and blueprinted 5.7-litre V8 bored out to 7.0-litres, with forged pistons, aluminium cylinder heads and a forged steel crankshaft.

And Whalla. The 1,200kg car now pumps out 372kW, giving it a power-to-weight ratio of a whopping 564Nm. Nice.

Add some chromed wheels, as well as new tan leather interior. Not forgetting the red coachwork . Now who wouldn’t want to drive away in it? It will go on auction on 17 August in Monterey California by Mecum Auctions. So if you’re a mega fan, you know what to do.

A bit out of your way you say? Well keep in mind that this very car starred in one of the finest movies of the 80s. Not to mention placing Matthew Broderick in the wall of fame for being the witty slacker everyone either envied or learned a valuable lesson from.


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