Dubai police get a Merc SLS and Bentley Continental GT

29 April, 2013 | by Benedict Pather

We’ve already shown you Dubai’s outrageously expensive Lamborghini Aventador and four-wheel -drive Ferrari FF police cars, which were recently added to their fleet.

Well it seems as though they’re about to add two more supercars, just to show off.

If pictures are anything to go by, the one above suggests that a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and Bentley Continental GT may soon be parked in their crime-fighting garage.

These two supercars were spotted in the same garage as the rare Aventador and FF, before they underwent their cop-car vinyl makeovers.

Seeing as how ‘over the top’ is what they’re going for, how will the Dubai police top these two? Perhaps a Veyron is on the cards? That won’t be surprising.


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