Corvette powered Greek 4×4

21 June, 2013 | by Lance Branquinho

Greece is not in a happy place at the moment.

The economic crisis is now at such unprecedented levels, that despite Greece being a European Union country, it has been downgraded by credit agencies as a developing economy.

Quite embarrassing, for a people who essentially developed modernity in a European sense of the word.

Despite all of this unhappiness, there remain some skilled, determined, Greek petrolheads. People such as Dimitris Korres, a Greek architect who has created the Korres Project 4, a rather mad Corvette powered off-roader.

The Korres Project 4’s most immediately notable feature might be its 7-litre Corvette Z06 sourced V8, good for 377kW and a 0-100kph time of 3.8 seconds (thanks to the lithe 1600kg total mass), but the mad engine mechanics are not the really clever bit. The genius is in the Korres Project 4’s suspension.

As befits the mind of an architect, Dimitris Korres has crafted his Project 4 with a variable ride-height suspension, capable of varying ground clearance as required, by as much as 400mm – which is amazing, if you think of it.

Add in lockable front, centre and rear differentials and you have, essentially, a Bowler Wildcat killer.

Price and production details are still pending, but we think it would make quite an epic supercar-SUV of sorts.


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