Bogus Lamborghini seized in China

23 September, 2013 | by Benedict Pather

One can always rely on Chinese entrepreneurs to make a luxury item affordable.

This fake baby-blue Lamborghini Aventador, was recently seized by police in Chongqing, a south-western city in China.

It’s alleged that the man in question known as Mr Ling, converted his Hyundai into this odd-looking replica, in the hope that someone would buy it. Seriously.

He then drove it to a popular pedestrian area and stuck a sign on the windscreen and bonnet which read: “this refitted Lamborghini car on sale, starting price 98,000 yuan.” Converted, that should be around R150 000.

The vehicle was soon spotted by a large crowd of curious spectators, followed by local authorities, and in no time it was loaded onto a truck and towed away.

Mr Ling was fined 800 yuan, about R1300, and had 12 points deducted from his driver’s license. Teaches him right, wouldn’t you agree?



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