Ariel Atom becomes a Beast

6 May, 2014 | by Lance Branquinho

Meet the Beast, and no, it’s not Tendai Mtawarira. Instead, this Beast is the debut offering from Californian based Rezvani Motors.

Unlike most boutique American performance cars, the Beast is actually quite a diminutive little thing, despite its intimidating name. This is hardly surprising as it’s based on the Ariel Atom’s tubular structure, differentiated by a stylish carbon-fibre body, penned by Samir Sadikhov, who has also produced concepts for Aston Martin and Ferrari.

The front windscreen is removable if you wish to enact the true driver’s car helmet-wearing experience, whilst a monumental rear diffuser harmonises airflow. All told, it does look rather fantastic.

Performance? Well, you have two options, both powered by engines hand-built in South Carolina by DDM Works.

An entry-level Beast 300 is good for 235kW, from its turbocharged 2-litre engine, and Rezvani claims it will run 0-100kph in 3 seconds. You might that is a touch optimistic, but with a kerb weight of only 666kg, owners should be capable of repeating that claim on a high-friction road surface.

For those keen on true supercar humbling performance there’s the Beast 500. Rezvani’s marquee product manages to dip below the 3 second barrier for the benchmark 0-100kph sprint, thanks primarily to a supercharged engine which spins a remarkable 372kW from only 2.4-litres of swept capacity.

Both Beasts are rear-wheel drive (obviously), with speed managed by a six-speed manual transmission and traction controlled courtesy of a limited-slip differential and the driver’s fortitude.

Production will be very much a custom affair using the latest 3D printing and CNC milling technology. Rezvani estimates a new Beats will take in 1500 labour-hours of work.

Pricing? The 235kW Beast retails for R1.3m whilst the rather mad 372kW version could be yours for R1.5m. Interestingly, Rezvani will offer a coach-built option to existing Ariel Atom owners for around R500k.

A lightweight American performance car, without a pushrod V8 engine. What is this world coming to?


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