Army Amarok replaces Land Rover

11 December, 2013 | by Lance Branquinho

Bakkie brand perception is synonymous with military cachet.

Land Rover’s Defender? Well, if it wasn’t for the British army having bought and used thousands of them, nobody much might have noticed. This brings us, rather strangely, to the issue of VW’s Amarok.

It’s very sophisticated, the Amarok, but constantly debited as being too car-like. We don’t really understand that, because it does what all other bakkies do, the only difference being that it doesn’t drive like a truck. Sounds pretty good to us…

Perceptions, though, are rather difficult to alter. But perhaps the Dutch can help VW. See, the world’s flattest country has just ordered 1667 Amaroks for its military, set to replace the Land Rover Defenders and Mercedes-Benz G-Glass variants in service with the Royal Dutch army, air force, navy and marines.

Interestingly, this Dutch military fleet purchase is in total only for the lower-powered 103kW Amaroks, instead of 132kW high-output version of the 2-litre turbodiesel.

As the Dutch are hugely tolerant and peace-loving, haters might belittle any credit to Amarok that this military purchase confers. It’s worth remembering, though, that the Royal Dutch armed forces are notable contributors to NATO’s rapid deployment force, and currently try and keep the peace in all manner of dusty, unhappy places without VW dealers and 50ppm diesel. Surely, that must count for something?


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