News: With more power comes AWD for next C63 AMG

The next generation Mercedes-AMG C63 will be AWD, bringing to an end the era of Merc’s fast rear-wheel drive super-saloons. Following in the footsteps of the current E63, a source confirmed to TopGear that the next generation hot C-Class, due in 2021, will be equipped with Drift mode, AMG’s system that decouples the front driveshafts.

Beyond that the C63 is likely to retain its twin turbo 4.0-litre V8, although with power increased to combat the threat posed by the new BMW M3 due next year. That uses the new 3.0-litre twin turbo straight six recently seen in the X3M, where it develops 375kW. In flagship S guise we understand the C63 is likely to produce 404kW.

Combine this with AWD and Merc’s multi-clutch transmission and we’d expect a 0-100kph time for the C63 in the low three second range. The traction and all-weather usability of AWD, plus the ability to do massive skids. What’s not to like?

The top-line AMG C-Class should survive another generation with pure internal combustion power.

But a pure rear-wheel drive Merc super-saloon? It looks like that dies with the current C-Class. Well, provided you discount the S63 AMG. Come to think of it, how good might that be with AWD and Drift mode?

What think you web-land? Is AWD and Drift mode the future? Or does the demise of rear-drive have you reaching for life’s rewind button?

Original source: TopGear

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