News: The Bloodhound 1000mph mission isn’t over yet

On December 7, it was announced that the struggling Bloodhound SSC project had failed to find a new buyer, and would therefore come to a halt. Little over a week later, it may just have been saved.

“Following this announcement,” reads a statement, “the Joint Administrators were contacted by a number of other interested parties and a purchaser for the business and assets has now been secured, which will allow the project to continue. The business and assets of Bloodhound are being bought for an undisclosed amount by Yorkshire-based entrepreneur Ian Warhurst.

“Ian has a strong background in managing highly successful businesses in the automotive engineering sector and he will bring considerable expertise to bear in taking the project forward. He will be outlining his plans for the project in detail early in the New Year.”

Further details are scant, but any positive step is welcome when it looked like Bloodhound – and its 1000mph land speed record target – was on the ropes. We’ll keep you posted…

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