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News: Porsche 992 cabriolet matches the coupe for speed

Just as night follows day – and the January slog follows Christmas – the Porsche 911 992 cabriolet has arrived rather swiftly after the coupe.

This is the all-new Porsche 992-generation cabriolet, and it doesn’t look in the least bit surprising. Indeed, if your brain is still jam-packed from digesting all the coupe’s vital statistics, there’s not much to learn about here, bar the roof.

That’s a fully automated soft-top – Porsche never had its head turned by heavy, complex folding hard-tops – and it contains magnesium elements to help it keep its shape at high speeds.

It’ll fold up or down below 50kph, and in just 12 seconds. Fantastic news for those of us who’ve ever been caught in a sudden rainstorm and had to slow down on a road with a speed limit higher than 50kph.

Otherwise, it’s as you were with the 992,coupe. There are just two options for now – the Carrera S and Carrera 4S, respectively rear- and all-wheel-drive cars using the same 331kW 3-litre twin-turbo flat-six engine.

Both 992 cabriolet models use an eight-speed PDK automatic gearbox, at least until a manual option arrives further down the line, when we can also expect a less powerful Carrera and more powerful Carrera GTS versions. Not to mention a Turbo. And a Turbo S…

You’ll be delighted to know the 992 cabriolet’s no slower than the coupe – 0-100kph in 3.7secs and a 305kph top speed if you’ve gone for the more powerful Carrera S – but it’s naturally pricier, adding almost 100 grand to the price of an equivalent coupe. Thus the RWD Carrera S starts at R1 874 000 and the AWD Carrera 4S at R1 964 000.

Original source: Porsche 992 cabriolet TopGear

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