News: First look at the new Renault Clio. Spoiler: Huge screen

Here is a 9.3in curved multimedia tablet, and the new 2019 Renault Clio it is attached to. Welcome, everyone, to the inside of the brand new, fifth-generation Clio. We’ll see the outside of the car in due course. For now, as the best inspirational posters tell us, let us journey inwards.

Look at that tablet! It’s massive! We’re told it is inspired by the one on the Espace, that it “visually enlarges the dashboard”, and is subtly tilted towards the driver. It’s basically IMAX for your Clio.

Sweep along to the driver’s eyeline, and you’ll spot a brand new digital screen – a la Audi virtual cockpit – that replaces the analogue display. You can spec it in either seven- or ten-inch versions, the latter showing off the sat nav too.

Elsewhere, emphasis has been placed on better quality materials – soft coatings on the dashboard, door panels and centre console, for example – along with freeing up more space for Things inside. Also, making sure Other Things you use regularly are within easy reach: the air-con, for example, is a physical button right underneath that tablet.

There are seats, too! More supportive apparently. Plus, a steering wheel! The driving position was also set as a priority. Speaking of which, we’re told this new Renault Clio will sit on something called the CMF-B platform, that apparently allows for quicker response to installing the latest tech as per your requirements.

Pretty swish for a supermini, no?

Original source: TopGear Renault Clio

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