This is the BMW M4 Convertible ’30 Jahre’ special edition

This is the more powerful BMW M4

BMW has built a special edition M4 Convertible. It has more power. It has more noise. And only a few will be built. And it is an M3 homage too, just btw.

Well, 300 will be built, to be specific. It is being produced in honour of the original E30 M3 Convertible from 1988, and thus, is called the M4 Convertible ’30 Jahre’.

It’s basically an M4 cabrio that gets the Competition Pack. So there’s an additional 20-odd horsepower over the standard M4 open-top – it’s now on 331kW – along with an M Sport exhaust, adaptive M suspension with a SPORT mode (caps lock intended), and “extremely sporty” iterations of the DSC and M diff. So it’s pointier, too. No word on speed/acceleration, but the regular, crackers M4 sprints to 100kph in 4.6secs and tops out at 250kph.

Outside, you get a nod to that E30 with the choice of a ‘Macao Blue’ body colour. But you don’t want that; you want this colour, dubbed ‘Mandarin II uni’. It’s reminiscent of the mighty E36 M3 Convertible’s lurid Dakar Yellow hue. (Yes, the E36 is mighty. End of.)

As expected, there are other accoutrements dotted around the new M4, like 20in wheels in matt grey, high gloss trim, special leather inside, carbonfibre strips inside and ’30 Jahre Edition’ lettering. You even get a plaque detailing which of the 300 cars you own.

No prices have yet been announced, but a regular M4 Convertible, that doesn’t come in yellow, or feature 331kW, starts from just over R1 472 300. Expect a premium for this one.

Any takers?


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