There’s now a Maybach double-cab

Maybach double-cab revealed

It was predictable, but even with anticipation, it’s difficult to accept just how OTT some of these Mercedes aftermarket bakkie conversions are. Especially when they attempt to transcend into the realm of Maybach.

The X-Class in the gallery above is the work of Polish tuner, Carlex Design, and subtlety is most certainly not its design objective. Nor is an increase in utility. The goal, it would appear, has been to create a that most unfathomable of things: a Maybach bakkie.

Wheels. That ornate front grille. Both styling elements clearly draw the design parallel to Maybach and combining those, amidst a range of other composite design trinkets, deliver a bakkie which looks absolutely like no other.

Beyond the radical pseudo-Maybach appearance, there’s an even more outlandish cabin environment to match. Recaro semi-bucket seats, sticky Alcantara and teak abounds in the cabin. Carlex’s official designation for this project is called the X-Class Yachting Edition and as such the wood panelling, both inside and throughout the loadbin, appears to be of the high-quality marine teak variety, instead of veneer plywood…

The colour is striking too, Porcelain White paint with Chocolate Brown accents, and so is the rear roll hoop, featuring an aero design which doesn’t look like it will do much good if you tip over – but certainly looks the part. And it probably reduces overall drag-coefficient a bit.

So, if you are still keen on the madness of this Maybach X-Class, prices run way the wrong side of R1.6m, which fortunately includes the purchase price of a donor X-Class. For those who absolutely must make a statement when towing or launching their boat, this Carlex Design X-Class Yachting Edition probably has no rival for aquatic automotive excess.

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