Merc releases X-Class pricing for SA

Local pricing for the Mercedes Benz X-Class

As the local launch of its new X-Class bakkie approaches, Mercedes has revealed pricing for the Nissan Navara’s premium double-cab cousin.

Expectations were that it would position at a premium, but some of the price differences between X-Class and its South African market rivals are quite noticeable. The range starts at R642 103 for its X220d 4X2 manual, in Progressive trim. That’s more expensive that any fully specced Hilux or Ranger 4×4 auto double-cab, in either 2.8- or 3.2-litre configuration.

Just shy of R700k are two X250d derivatives, an automatic 4×2 at R694 025 and a manual 4X4 at R696 785. The most comprehensively equipped Power specification grade is only available on as an X250d 4×4 manual, which becomes South Africa’s most expensive bakkie, at R791 315.

Table the comparisons and you see some massive perceived value gaps between the Mercedes and everything else. VW’s most expensive limited-edition Amarok V6 extreme is still cheaper than an X250d 4×4 manual, whilst an Amarok ordered to Highline Comfort specification in V6, with an automatic transmission and 4×4, creates an even wider discount of slightly more than R40 000.

Navara and X-Class share similar engines, gearboxes and a chassis, yet its fully specced 4×4 double-cabs are more than R200 000 cheaper than X250d 4×4 Power and even if you move mid-range with a Progressive X-Class 4×4, that gaps are still more than R100 000.

Compare Mercedes-Benz’s double-cab with South Africa’s most established bakkie, the sales phenomenon that is Hilux, and the price differences are substantial too. The Hilux 2.8 GD-6 4×4 Raider auto is R595 700, which is nearly R50 000 less than an entry-level X-Class 4×2 manual. A mid-grade X250d 4X4 manual is nearly R100 000 more and the premium specification X250d Power almost R200 000.

There’s no doubt the tree-pointed star product will bring new levels of ride and cabin comfort to the South African bakkie market, but on its current pricing, you could buy a top of the range Hilux, and have money left to buy your kid a new university car.

X-Class X220d 4X2 6-speed PROGRESSIVE

(Manual Transmission)  R 642 103.00


(Automatic Transmission) R 694 025. 00


(Manual Transmission)  R 696 785.00

X-Class X250d 4X4 POWER

(Manual Transmission)  R 791 315.00


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