Meet Dubai’s Flying Squad with the new hoverbike

Dubai’s Police force has long been known to have a selection of the wildest police-livered cars on its fleet. Aventadors, Veyrons, Ferraris and such. Now, it’s taking it to a level above.

Quite literally, as they’ve announced a new addition to the squad: a hoverbike.

It’ll be the flying squad, then. The plan is for the vertical take-off and landing bike to act as a first responder in hard to reach areas, with the first hoverbike ready for use in 2020.

Built by US company Hoversurf, the Dubai Police’s upcoming ‘S3’ gets a carbon fibre body, four rotors, a weight of just 114kg and a “safe flight altitude” of 5 metres above the ground – though it’s noted how the pilot can adjust this individually. Top speed? Limited to 100kph.

The hoverbike is  powered by a 12.3kWh battery, which – in actual flight time – equates to between 10 and 25 minutes depending on weight and weather conditions.

Here’s the team trialling out its latest member. What’s next on the list?

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