McLaren Yamaha happening?

The man who designed the world’s greatest ever car, is partnering with an old collaborator again – which might deliver something entirely desirable for all of us.

Former Durbanite and McLaren design genius, Gordon Murray, is assisting celebrated Japanese motorcycle and engineering brand, Yamaha, in its pursuit of a sportscar. It’s not the first time Murray and Yamaha have worked together, the legendary Rocket road-legal single seater of the early 1990s was powered by a Yamaha engine too.

For the upcoming Tokyo auto show Yamaha is determined to reveal a four-wheeled showstopper and one certainly hopes it is an evolution of the 2015 Sports Ride concept, which was beautifully proportioned and admirably light at only 750kg.

Yamaha has a legacy of building amazing concepts which never come to fruition, such as the early 1990s OX99-11 supercar. They’ve never completely divorced themselves from automotive – as opposed to motorcycle – engineering, always keeping pace with developments by being a joint venture partner. The amazing Lexus LF-A supercar, for instance, had an engine which was much the work of Yamaha.

News of Murray’s involvement with this latest project possibly signals a production intent, as the great designer’s iStream modular engineering principle should enable exceptionally cost-effective manufacturing, of even the most outrageously desirable sportscars. Here’s hoping.



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