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Life with TopGear’s Renault’s Megane R.S Cup – Update 2

Back in the Megane R.S. Cup. I mean it. It hasn’t been plain sailing this month; I’ve been at the wheel of a Hyundai Kona, KIA Stinger, Renault Duster, BMW X4 and Toyota GT86. All of them cast a big shadow in one way or the next but soon as I clamber back into the Megane, which in the interim has caringly homed many of my forgotten belongings (oh here’s my gym card), hear that opening ‘heart throb’ chime it makes, I never feel anything less than full-blooded excitement.

And this month I’ve abstained from driving it everywhere with the full beans. In adhering to the petrol price increase I thought I’d share the mindset of my fellow motorists and test how far R200 (about 11 litres) would go in high octane range anxiety.

Press the Comfort mode from the five-sensory Multi-Sense screen and obediently comply with the gear shift indicator while repeating Namaste thoughts. Doing so has an effect of around 9l/100km but what I’ve come to realise about the Megane R.S CUP is that it’s an angry blighter, permanently. Fizzing, bubbling, wooshing – a turbo charger with four wheels attached. The petrol price drops mercifully so I can once again feed the insatiable thirst.

Now for a closer inspection of what we have in our garage, specifically why you’d want this CUP version over the regular LUX EDC. Ours comes with the sexy 19-inch wheels as standard – optional on the LUX for R8000. The Megane R.S CUP has the higher top speed of 255km/h (up by 5km/h) while all other figures are claimed to be identical despite having to manually shift gears here. Hmm. CUP versions come with a manual handbrake which is useful for – ahem – turning, and a limited slip differential for actual turning.

The only option fitted to our car is the metallic paint. To me this makes the Renault Megane brilliant value with the philanthropic list of standard equipment. Cornering headlights, R.S. monitor, a high-end audio system which sadly isn’t as good as the one fitted to the Golf GTi, heated seats, parking sensors with camera, cruise control and keyless entry. Particularly the CUP version is the sort of race-to-comfort-to-practicality flavour all of us at TopGearSA like.

While we’ve dutifully fulfilled our fuel consumption test, next month we’ll be testing our Megane R.S against the clock, to see not only how close it comes to claimed figures, but also those real-world figures of its peers.

Read more about our Megane R.S Cup here:


  • R559 088 (as tested)
  • 1798cc, 4cyl turbo petrol, FWD, 205kW, 390Nm
  • 7.2l/100km, 163g/km CO2
  • 0-100km/h in 5.8secs, 255km/h
  • 1429kg
  • Tester’s notes: Economy is not Megane’s forte but standard equipment is
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