Liberty for the Lexus LC500

In a world of Kei cars, Liberty Walk is the outlier of Japanese car culture. They’re specialists in making the most outrageous cars available even crazier with mad bodykits, wheels and all manner of other upgrades.

The one brand you would not envisage Liberty Walk working on is Toyota’s luxury division, Lexus. But fear never for the ambition of an entrepreneurial aftermarket tuner, and just before the god year of 2017 closes out, Liberty Walk has done the unthinkable: a Lexus.

Of all the cars in the Lexus product portfolio, the one perhaps best suited to modification is its heroically unboosted coupe, the LC500. With its traditional GT proportions (long bonnet, low roofline), the LC500 provides a perfect canvas for Liberty Walk to construct its idea of the ultimate street presence, appropriately stanced, Lexus.

In typical Liberty Walk fashion, the bodykit is anything but subtle, with a ground-hugging front bumper, with roadkill collecting splitter, and side skirts which are impossibly close to the ground. Around the back there’s a cheeky spoiler (as expected) and you can even specify a custom crafted quad exhaust system too, which furnishes the aft aspect of this LC500 with the comprehensive street racer aesthetic.

A substantial from the classic coupe lines of the production LC500, the Liberty Walk package makes for a notable departure from the perceived conservatism of Lexus. It’s not at all cheap, though, with two grades of bodykit available. One is primarily plastic, whilst the other is a more expensive carbon-fibre option, retailing for a rather substantial R200 000. And that doesn’t include the exhaust system either, which is an additional R100 000.

If our budget extends a little bit more, you can even add Liberty Walk’s own air-suspension system, which is essentially a low-speed on-demand lift kit, to ensure the heavily modified LC500, which has virtually no ground clearance, can manage to get over speed bumper and clear most parking garage access ramps. Truth be told, the AirREX systems is not so much a nice-to-have as a necessity.

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